About Us

What is AirnStudio?

AirnStudio is the new platform that will enable artists to find music studios near them whatever their budgets and their needs are!

We are a new French startup created by two web entrepreneurs passionate by music, Floriane and Michael.

The goal? To enable home studios to be rented along with professional studios on a single platform, thus offering a large choice of studios to artists.


AirnStudio is not just a platform for studios and artists, it's also the startup that helps all kinds of artists record quicker and better.

How is AirnStudio concept born?

AirnStudio idea is born from a frustration that happened in our lives some time ago: our own home studio being quite far from Paris, and us being much busier than before, we could not record as often as we'd like.

Why not move our home studio here? Well, not possible. Why not then find a similar home studio in Paris and rent ours at the same time to cover the fees? Not easy to do and to find, so we decided to make it easier!

AirnStudio is then born from the idea to make it easier for artists to book home studios along with professional studios.

Our home studio near Paris in France where the whole story of AirnStudio began

AirnStudio introduces a new concept

Recording studios, rehearsal studios and home studios - all at once!

We are the first platform to encourage people to rent their home studios!

Why? Because the artists vary from beginners that want to try to record to experimented ones that look for high level equipments. The number of artists types is large, as well as their budgets.

Today, artists who can't afford to record in a professional studio might struggle to do it while there are many home studios near them that would love to record them for a smaller amount of money.

At the same time, home studios who are not used all the time can be monetized.

Introducing home studios in our offer is a way of targeting new talents that could start recording through home studios and then look for professional studios!

On AirnStudio, all artists will be able to find the best possible studios for their needs and budgets in their areas!

Why join AirnStudio?

AirnStudio - where Studios & Artists meet!

AirnStudio will help you make your projects grow, whether you have a recording, rehearsal or home studio or you are an artist - beginner to experimented.

Join this new concept now to have your listing ready when the site launches worldwide, sign up here

- for music studios: Rent it hourly or daily through our platform to increase its visibility and its number of bookings even in empty hours.

- for artists: get a large choice of music studios near you that can be booked in a few clicks and that take into account your preferences and budget.

If you have questions feel free to visit our Help & FAQs page or to contact us.

Meet the Team

Hi, we are Floriane and Michael, the founders of AirnStudio!

We live in France, in Paris area, we are more than 30 and passionate by all things web, entrepreneurship and music.



Michael is a Web developer and CTO in Paris. He's been developing ecommerce sites like the one of the French rapper Booba, Unküt. He's also a beatmaker and loves to record songs whenever he can!



Floriane has been working in ecommerce for years in New York and Paris after she got her MBA from Boston College. In addition, she plays the role of Michael's assistant in the studio!

AirnStudio is proud to be part of the French Tech

The French Tech is the ecosystem of French startups that grow in France and around the world. The French Tech organization is supported by the French government and managed by the French Economy Ministry.


We hope AirnStudio will help all of you develop your music projects!
Feel free to contact us had you any questions, thank you and enjoy your AirnSession!

Floriane and Michael