Help & FAQS

Registering your music studio - recording studio, rehearsal studio or home studio - on AirnStudio platform will make it more visible online and it will be found by artists looking to book a studio session near them!

If you are a professional music studio - recording studio or rehearsal studio - you can have more bookings even in empty hours. If you are a home studio, you can monetize your studio and get your first bookings through our platform. Add a studio now.

It's so simple! Sign up here and follow the different steps to register your studio. Fill in all the information you feel would be helpful for the artists to book your studio with confidence.

We advise you to be the most accurate and precise possible, and add pictures to your listing to make it attractive. It will enable the artists to know exactly what services they are booking and make sure your studio fits their needs.

Feel free to come back anytime and log in to make any changes to your studio listing through the link Log in on the top right of the site. Once the site opens to the artists, you will get bookings!

Signing up on the site and adding a studio listing is free!

Once our site launches and opens to artists, we will ask studios to pay a small service fee per booking in order to offer the best services on the platform along with site maintenance.

Please visit our page "Pricing" to get more info on this subject.

Please sign up here. You will be invited to fill in the information to create your listing.

Studios have for now an exclusive access to the platform to pre-register and add one or multiple studios listings.

Studios can then finalize their listings perfectly before the site opens!

Once the site launches, artists will be able to find studios near them, book them directly through the platform and even contact you!

On the site, click on "Log in" on the top right corner to reach your dashboard. You will be asked to give the email address and password you registered your account with.

We are really happy to get feedback so feel free to send all suggestions to us through the page "Contact us"! Thank you.

Artists will pay directly their studio sessions through the platform and money will be transferred to your bank account.

So when the artist comes to your studio for the session, you won't have any money troubles! Before the site launches, we will ask you to fill in your bank account information on the platform.

The website is 100% secure, built with the latest technologies and it is SSL encrypted.

We would love to hear from you about a press or partnership opportunity, so please feel free to give to us more details through the page "Contact us"! Thank you.

Sure, you can add as many listing as you want! Please Log in to reach your dashboard. From there, visit the section My studios to add studios.

Sure! Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get our news and help us build AirnStudio Community!

If you have not found the answer to your question, feel free to contact us!