Simple, clear pricing to make it easier for everyone!

For Artists

The amount you pay equals the studio session price, that's all!

And don't forget your credit card won't be charged right away when you send the booking request but only once you confirm the payment and the studio accepts your booking!



For Studios

The account creation and listing publishing is free so start now!

The service fees due by the studio equal 18% of the amount paid by the Artist in order to maintain an optimal level of quality and security. There is an additional 0.10€ for each automatic transfer to your bank account that is required by our payments platform.

These are the only two figures you should take into account! The rest is on us - informatics fees, external applications, marketing and other payments fees that enable AirnStudio to work perfectly, be promoted and remain secure!

Free studio account
18% service fees
0.10€ per transfer
A unique account to manage all your listings at once
A listing for each of your studios that can be rented out to show each studio's features
A personalized calendar to give your available slots each day of the year, by 30 minutes
A validation of each booking request to be in control of your schedule
An integrated messaging system to discuss with the artist new times and the project
A complete dashboard that shows the bookings and payments details for each of your studios
A highly secure payments system that fully manages the funds and payments data
An automatic transfer to your bank account to make it easier to receive the money
A payments system that charges the artist right away and guarantees you to receive the money after the session
An integrated customer reviews system to push forward the quality of your services
An email sent for each event or reminder

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Need more? We can arrange a custom plan for your studio, feel free to contact us