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Dennis C

1Latham Studios

Millbrook, United States
Standard Opening Days
mon. tue. wed. thu. fri. sat.
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From 05:00 To 12:00
Standard Lunch Time
From 12:00 To 13:00
Studio Type
  • Home Studio

  • Arrangement
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  • Sound engineer included

Description - 1Latham Studios

1Latham is a place that deals ONLY in INSPIRATIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL and SPIRITUAL MUSIC PRODUCTIONS - on occasion a wedding song,. No cussing or foul language. No degrading of anyone. POSITIVE ONLY.

Equipment List


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Studio Monitors

Edirol MA-7A


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MXL 2008


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Korg Kross 88 Fully Weighted




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Pro Tools


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3 Panasonic G2's
1 GoPro
1 Gear Pro


ENTERING IN by Dennis C. Latham Verse X2 Just The Presence Of GOD will heal your heart You must believe In order to receive If you open your heart HIS PRESENCE will never depart It's all about ENTERING IN Chorus - Back Ground Vocals or Choir X4 Enterin HIS PRESENCE With PRAISE Hearing HIS WORD Hearing HIS WORD In HIS PRESENCE Is fullness of joy In HIS PRESENCE There's life for ever more

This is me doing the BACKGROUND as I give an IDEA of what I'm looking for. I would really like a BIGGER GROUP of people to do the BackGround Vocals Still seeking a LEAD(s) for this song - BE BLESSED. Song Scored and Written by Dennis C. Latham Drums, Guitars and Sax by Mindmovie Piano, Bass, Strings and Horns by Dennis C. Latham Most of the earlier mixing was done by MindMovie ... This is an ATTEMPT at mixing .... but not the FINAL VERSION. THANKS SO MUCH Mindmovie - OLD LYRICS ... by Dennis C. Latham Copyright © 1989 I heard it through the grapevine About this MAN ... Names JESUS HE'S with you all the time ... Like when you're sick Feeling Down When No one else is around I'm talking about JESUS - I'm talking about JESUS - HE'LL Take you through ... (BackGround - HE'LL Take you through) HE'S your sister, your brothers, You mother and your father to the end But best of all, best of all HE'S your friend Like when it seem No one is there for you I'm talking about JESUS - I'm talking about JESUS - HE'LL Take you through ... (BackGround - HE'LL Take you through) Now HE'S a lawyer (BackGround - HE'LL Take you through) In the court house (BackGround - HE'LL Take you through) Now HE'S a doctor (BackGround - HE'LL Take you through) By your sick bed (BackGround - HE'LL Take you through) BREAK - A CHARGE TO KEEP I HAVE A GOD TO GLORIFY I SAID I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE, GRAPEVINE, GRA -A -A -A PE VI - I - Ine

Just the beginning .... of a project I started the other day ....

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