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Blitz Recording Studios

San Diego, United States
Standard Opening Days
mon. tue. wed. thu. fri. sat. sun.
Standard Opening Hours
From 09:00 To 01:00
Standard Lunch Time
From 04:00 To 05:00
Studio Type
  • Recording Studio

  • Arrangement
  • Recording
  • Mastering
  • Mixing

  • Sound engineer included

Description - Blitz Recording Studios

The sound of your project is everything. The best performance can be lost if you don’t have an Engineer/Producer with great ears and an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.  Whether you are looking for a kick-ass drum sound, powerful vocals, or the delicate sounds of a whisper across the strings of an acoustic guitar, the engineer can make all the difference.  That Engineer is Richard Blitz.

We use a Pro Tools 10 HD system on a fast Mac Pro coupled with great mics and many of the hottest plug-ins available like the Waves Diamond bundle, McDSP suite, the Eventide Anthology Bundle and Steven Slate's amazing Trigger and mastering FG-X We have the “know how” will help you create an exceptional project. We also have 24 tracks of 16 bit ADAT, should you need it.
As a well-known San Diego Producer/Engineer/Performer, Richard Blitz has the experience and the tools you need to record your masterpiece.  BLITZ RECORDING STUDIOS has engineered and produced some of San Diego’s finest artists for over 25 years.  His projects have included everything from Rock, Pop to Rhythm & Blues, Rap/Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Alternative, Reggae, Electronica, Ambient Digital, Opera, electric, eclectic and acoustic instruments of all kinds.

Richard has recorded live performances, tracks for radio & television sound recordings, and written and produced soundtracks for corporate giants such Google, BMW, Bank of America, Magellan, Hewlett Packard, Ford, San Diego’s KGB Sky Shows, and much more.  He is a wizard at dialog editing and has done many projects for medical groups such as Glaxo Smith Klein, and motivational speakers such as Dennis Waitley and Tony Robbins Worldwide. He has done a number of very successful books on tape as well.

Some people need just an Engineer. Others need to find musicians for their project...either way, you’re covered at BLITZ RECORDING. Richard is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has been performing live and recording since he was in his teens. He can help you put your project together...whatever you need.  From arrangement to final release, Blitz is da man.

If you want a creative and inspiring environment, superior production, and the encouragement that can make the difference in the outcome of your project...

Richard Blitz has an intuitive way of getting great performances quickly, and he brings out the best of every artist he works with.

Equipment List


Waves Diamond Bundle (TDM)
McDSP MC-2000
TC Electronics Master X 3
Eventide Anthology Bundle
Waves GTR3 Guitar Rig
by Paul Reed Smith
Bias Peak Pro (mastering software)
Digidesign Revibe
Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb
Valhalla Reverb and Echo

Studio Monitors

Mackie HR24s
Yamaha NS-10s
Kenleigh Custom Studio Monitors


Symetrix SX 202 Dual Mic Preamp (sounds like a Neve 1073)
Aphex Compellor (Stereo)
ART 2 Stereo Tube Mic Pre-Amp


no outboard EQs


Aphex Compellor (Stereo)
DBX 160As
2 Behringer Composers (Stereo)
Alexis Limiters


Neumann U87
Shure SM57 (10)
Gauge ECM 87s (2)
Sennheiser 421s (3)
Rode Condensers (2)
AKG 451s (@)
Audio Technica Condensers (3)
Octava Large Condensers (2)
Sure Beta 58
Shure kick Drum Mic


Yamaha SPX-900
Lexicon LXP-1
Lexicon MPX-100
Roland SRV-2000
Alesis Midi Verb IIs
Yamaha SPX-900
Lexicon LXP-1
Lexicon MPX-100
Roland SRV-2000
Alesis Midi Verb IIs
TC Electronics Flashback x 4
Xotic Effects BB Preamp
MXR Flanger (vintage)


3 Fender Strats
Epiphone Les Paul
Guild F50 Acoustic
Taylor Acoustic
Yamaha Strat Style
Martin Mini Acoustic
Johnson Dobro


Alesis QS-8 88 Key Weighted Keyboard
Controller and Synth
M-Audio Radium Controller
Roland PC-200 Controller
EMAX Sampler (original with huge library)


Custom 6-Piece Maple Drum Kit
(24 in. Kick, 8, 10, 12, and 14 in. Toms,
Snares by Ludwig and Pearl and Tama
Cymbals by Sabian and Ludwig
Assorted Percussion Instruments
Sonor 22 in Bass Drum


Blackstar HT Club 40 w Celestion speaker
Line 6 Pod
Line 6 Bass Pod
Rocktron Chameleon
Mesa Boogie 50/50 with various cabinets
Rockman X100
Original Sans Amp and Bass Sans Amp


Mackie 32 x 8
Mackie HUI


4 Alesis ADAT XTs (32 tracks)
Tascam MSR-16 1/2 in Analog Tape Recorder (with DBX noise reduction)
Teac A-3300SX 1/4in. Analog Tape RecorderTascam 130 Cassette Deck
Teac 3340 Analog Tape
Aiwa Cassette Deck
Aiwa XC-004 CD Deck
Sony Direct Drive 2 Tra


Avid 96 HD I/O
Digidesign 888/24
16 in total


Fender Mandolin
Various Percussion instruments


No video editing. We do sound for video.


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