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Fat Sound Records

toledo, United States
Standard Opening Days
mon. tue. wed. thu. fri. sat. sun.
Standard Opening Hours
From 09:00 To 23:00
Studio Type
  • Recording Studio

  • Arrangement
  • Recording
  • Mastering
  • Mixing

  • Sound engineer included

Description - Fat Sound Records

Fat Sound Records is an audio recording studio with 20 years of experience in recording arts including commercial audio, musical recordings and production, and production software. Our signature sound and style blends the best of analog technologies with a new high fidelity standard. Founded by world renowned Anno Domini producer Vherbal aka Kevin Elliott Fat Sound Records clients can also have custom instrumentals made in house by a much acclaimed producer. We have placed countless songs and instrumenals with major labels artists and projects throughout the world. Although our primary discipline is hiphop we are equally at home in all other genres where and organic yet high fidelity sound is desired. The blend of expertise of the staff and the ensemble of custom made gear give you that unmistakable FAT SOUND!

Equipment List


Slate Bundle
Waves Bundle
Softube Bundle
Kush Audio Bundle
Native Instruments Komplete
FL Studio And All Instruments (we are sponsored by them)
All Music Weapons Plugins (it is our company)

Studio Monitors

Focal Solo 6be's On Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers


Rupert Neve Portico 5032 Preamp/EQ Channel Strip

Pair Of Audient Preamps

8 Modded Midas Pre's

8 Mackie D8B Pre's


Neve 5032


Telefunken Tube Condenser w/diamond series tube

u87-c800g custom mic with 3 switchable tonalities from 70s u87 to bright c800g

various sm57s

akg d112

pair of custom small capsule mics for overheads and stereo micing

pair of akg c3000's

pair of sterling st55's (old model)


Customized Mackie D8b Used As 24-CH MIDI Control Surface with functioning control room and talkback section in custom built desk


Otari MX5050


Lynx Aurora 8
Audient ID22


Sony rx100 mk4 (4k video on hand)


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