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Joshua Hudes Music Production

pantin, France
Standard Opening Days
mon. tue. wed. thu. fri. sat. sun.
Standard Opening Hours
From 8:00 AM To 11:59 PM
Standard Lunch Time
From 1:00 PM To 2:00 PM
Studio Type
  • Recording Studio

  • Arrangement
  • Recording
  • Mixing

  • Studio engineer included

Description - Joshua Hudes Music Production

The studio is 1 minute from metro Hoche in a complex of 35 other studios. It's well equipped with everything needed to record pop and rock music with up to 5 musicians at once and can record 16 channels at once. It's one room with a little isolation room for guitar amps.

I'm a music producer that can really take a project where it needs to go. I believe projects need producers who understand how to develop and write songs. I know how to capture and record the right sound for the required vibe. I live and breath music so I know instinctively what sound you're going for and what the song needs in order to connect with it's audience. I am also able to hire the right musicians and engineers to take the project to where it needs to be if you're aiming to compete at the very highest level. My style is often a fusion of techniques, mixing modern technology, synths, samples, drum machines, guitar effects, re-amping, Maschine programming with old school recording techniques and instruments.

Equipment List



Most stuff!

Studio Monitors

Neumann kh 120
Yamaha msp5


Classic API VP28 (x3)
GAP 1073 pre amp and EQ
Joe Meek 6Q
TL Audio 5050
ART tube mp
Eleven Rack Pro tools
Behringer ADAT 8000


GAP 1073 clone
Joe Meek 6Q


Sontronics SaturnWasaphone carbon mic
Shure SM57 (x2)
Shure SM58
AKG D112
Ribbon RB500
Ribbon RM700
Beyerdynamic very old vintage mic (x2)
Beyerdynamic Opus 99
Vintage Sony stereo mic
Rode NT1000
Sennheiser E835
Prodipe A1
AKG C451 B (x2)(out of order and the moment)
T-Bone sc140 (x2)
CAD drum mic set
Eagletone DM58 (x3)
+Home made kick drum mic!


Eleven Rack Pro tools
Zoom RFX2000
Samson compressor C com 16
Boss digital rack delay
Pedals:Xotic rc booster limited editedOrange two stroke
Zvex Fuzz FactoryFrantone - The Sweet Germanium Fuzz
Boss DD6 (x2)
Boss DS1Devi Ever 90s
Devi Ever Ruby
Devi Ever Eye Of God
Mellowtone Wolf CPU
Marshall Shred Master
Danelectro Tremolo Tuna Melt
Ibenez TS7
Ibenez Lo-fi LF7
Ibenez Trash Metal
Ibenez super chorus
Badcat Analog Delay
Electro-harmonix chillswitchDigitech Whammy
Digitech Distortion factory
Digitech I Stomp
Biyang Flanger
ISP Decimator
Volume pedal
Expression pedal
Behringer Phaser UP100
Behringer Reverb RV600
Behringer bass synth BSY600
TC Electronic Poly Tune


Gibson Melody Maker P90 anniversary edition
Fender Telecaster (Mexican)
Fender Hellcat acoustic
Danelectro ‘59
Vester Telecaster
Epiphone SG Bareknuckle custom humbuckers
Paul Beuscher SG P90 Bareknuckle custom pickup
Luna Ukulele
Seagull Dulcimer
Johnson Acoustic with Nashville tuningElectric Mandolin


Roland JP8000
Roland D70
Roland Vintage Keys
Yamaha DX21
Korg Electribe EA1
Korg Electribe ER1
Korg Kaossilator Pro
Korg O5 R/W


Orange Jim Root #4 terror guitar amp
Ampeg pf-350
Epiphone valve junior
Crate powerblock
Behringer Vintage Combo
Laney 150watt head
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 25watts


Soundcraft S200 (from 1986)


RME Multiface
Eleven Rack Pro tools
Focusrite scarlett solo


An example of a rock production

Punk rock fusion

Chanson francaise

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