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Quienes somos

Zuasti (Iza), Spain
Standard Opening Days
mon. tue. wed. thu. fri. sat. sun.
Standard Opening Hours
From 08:30 To 20:00
Standard Lunch Time
From 14:00 To 16:00
Studio Type
  • Recording Studio

  • Arrangement
  • Recording
  • Mastering
  • Mixing

  • Sound engineer included

Description - RoofStudios

Music is our passion, in Roof Studios we offer a close personal working environment, we adapt to each project, your ideas and needs for recording.
We offer full or partial services: pre production and music production, studio recording, mobile recording, mixing, mixing and mastering online.
We provide the means to get the best sound possible, using both the latest technologies in digital software (apps, plugins, Daws), and analog equipment: table, previous, compressors, equalizers, vintage microfonia etc ..
Roof Studios, is located in a quiet environment, 15 minutes from Pamplona with direct access by Ap 15 Free Bus service.
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La música es nuestra pasión, en Roof Studios te ofrecemos un ambiente cercano y personal de trabajo, nos adaptamos a cada proyecto, a tus ideas y necesidades para la grabación.
Ofrecemos servicios integrales o parciales de: pre produccion y produccion musical, grabación en estudio, grabación movil, mezcla, mezcla online y mastering.
Aportamos los medios para obtener el mejor sonido posible,empleando tanto las últimas tecnologías en software digital (apps, plugins, daws), como equipos analógicos: mesa, previos, compresores, ecualizadores, microfonia vintage etc..
Roof Studios, esta ubicado en un entorno tránquilo, a 15 min de Pamplona con acceso directo por Ap 15 y servicio de Bus gratuito.
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Equipment List


Waves Diamond.
Abbey Road plugin collection.
Waves Api Collection.
Sonnoxpluggins Oxford collection..
Melodyne .
Waves SSL 4000 collection.
IK multimedia CSR reverb.
Ik multimedia. T-Racks 3.
Izotope Ozone 4.
Slate digital FG-X Virtual mastering Processor.
Cubase Vst / Halion library.
Protools music production tool kit.
LA Strings, Miroshlav philarmonic,Roland Strings.
Ezdummer 2.

Studio Monitors

JBL 4312A.
Tannoy PBM 6'5.
Auratone 5c.
M-audio Studio Pro3.
Mackie Big Knob Controller.
Furman Hds6
Furman Hr 6 (5 units).
Beyerdynamic Dt-100 headphones (5).
Akg K -141 headphones.


Avalon 737.
BAE 1073 mpf.
Neve 5106.
Joemeejk Vc1.
Altec 1612a.
Dbx Project1 286.
Yamaha Ha8 (8 ch)
Neotek Series 1E (2ch).
Allen&Heath Brennel 42 series 16_4_2 (16ch).
Projectmix i/O M-audio (8 ch).
*16 Xlr female patchbay.


Pultec Hlf 3c.
Pultec Eqh2/Eq1a.
Urei 545.
Urei 537.
Orban 622B (2ch).
Avalon 737.
Bae 1073mpf.
Neve 5106.
Neotek series 1E (2ch).
Allen&Heath Brennel 42 series 16_4_2 (16ch).


Dbx 160 Vu (2ch).
Dbx 160x.
Adl 1000.
Altec 1612a.
Orban 418a (2ch).
Dbx 902 (2ch) -Dbx Fs900 rack.
Drawmer Ds 201.
Avalon 737.
Neve 5106.
Joemeek Vc1.
Dbx project1 286.
*Switchcraft 48 Bantam Patchbay.


Neumann : U87, Tlm193, Gefell M582, Km 74, Km 73,Km 84.
Sennheiser: Md 441, Md 4s.
Philips: El 9549, El 6020 (2), El 6040 (2).
Akg: D12, D112, C3000B.
Shure: Sm 57, Sm 58, Sm 11.
Audio Technica: AT2020.
Coles Stc BBc 4032.
Cadenza Ribbon microphone (2).
Turner 251.
Oktava Md 66-A.
Electrovoice 635-a (2).
Sony EP-22 (4), Sony F-99 T.


Lexicon mpx1.
Lexicon mpx100.
Tapco 4400 spring reverb (2ch).
AKG Bx 5 (2ch).
Orban 111b.


Fender Telecaster Mex standard.
Fender Strato custom korean White.
Gibson EBo Bass.
Takamine Eg 523 Black.
Harmony Sovereign Jumbo Usa.
Harmony Sovereign H1264 Usa.
Harmony Sovereign korean.


Yamaha Ydp 121.
Magnus Chord Organ.
Hohner Performer String.
Korg Cx3 organ.


Rogers xp8 drum kit + hardware.
Tama maple snares.
Rogers congas.
Percusion kit.


Hafler Pro1200.
Hafler P1500.
Quad 303.
Vox Pa 50-ss.
T.amp s 100.


Allen&Heath Brennel 42 series 16_4_2.
Folcrom Roll music summing mixer.
Chilton Mk2 10-2.


Echo audiofire 12.
Echo audiofire 8.
Echo audiofire 2.
M-audio Projectmix i/0.
Mytek Workstation 24.


Vox Ac30.
Vox conqueror Head + cabinet trolley.
Vox Ac30 Scort.
Marshall Lead 100 Mosphet.
Fender champ.
ElectrovoiceEV Sp15B.
Peavey 112 Bandit.
Roland microcube.
Boos pedal board : flanger, overdrive, reverb,chorus , whawha etc..

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