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Recording and mixing in Downtown Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Standard Opening Days
mon. tue. wed. thu. fri. sat. sun.
Standard Opening Hours
From 08:00 To 07:59
Studio Type
  • Recording Studio

  • Recording
  • Mastering
  • Mixing

  • Sound engineer included

Description - Studio Le Roy

Studio Le Roy is a large music recording studio in downtown Amsterdam. It features a recording room, control room, lounge and secured indoor carpark.

The studio has a large tracking room of 60 square meters with 2 isobooths, a Yamaha grand piano, a great microphone selection with lots of vintage items and a sophisticated custom built musician foldback system.

The control room of 30 square meters is equipped with a SSL 4000E/G with 56 channels, automation and recall. The control room is fitted with two 5.1 monitor systems (large ATC and medium Genelec), as well as the best digital and classic analog equipment.

Equipment List

Studio Monitors

3X ATC200, 2X ATC100, 2x JBL 18" sub (5.1 system)
7x Genelec 1031A, 1x 7070A sub (5.1 system)
Yamaha NS10/Cambridge A-70
Westlake LC 6.75/Cambridge A-70
Auratone 5C/Cambridge A-70


Raindirk custombuilt microphone pre-amp/mixer-sidecar 12-12-2
Studer 169 10 channel sidecar
Telefunken V-72/V-76/V-77/V-78 (13x) tube pre-amps with 48V & pad
Prism Maselec MMA4 4 channel pre-amp
DBX 786 2 ch. pre-amp
Summit TPA 200 2 ch. tube pre-amp


Manley Massive Passive
Klark Teknik DN15
TC Electronics TC2240 (2x)
Orban 642B
Orban 642
Orban 674A
White 4650 (2x)
Urei 537 (2x)
Urei 539 (2x)
Urei 565
Urei 546 (2x)
Summit program eq.


Gates StaLevel-39 (2x)
SSL Xlogic 5.1
DBX 160 SL (3x)
Tubetech SMC2A
Waves L2
DBX 165 (2x)
DBX 162
Urei 1178
Orban 424A

Pye 4060 (6x)
Urei LA 4 (6x)
Urei 1176
Trident MGM (2x)
Aphex Dominator II

Valley People Dynamite (4x)


2 Neumann M149 (tube)
Telefunken ELAM 251E (tube)
2 AKG C28 (tube)
2 Neumann SM69FET
2 Neumann U 67 (tube)
3 Neumann U 87
4 Neumann TLM 170
4Neumann TLM 170 RH
2Neumann KM 150
2 Neumann KM 140
Neumann KM 84
2 Neumann KMR 82
4 Neumann KMS 84i


TC 6000 (inc. 5.1 dyn & unwrap) Mark II
EMT 248 (2x)
AKG BX 5 (2x)
EMT 140 TS
Eventide H3000SE
Lexicon PCM 90
Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon 224X
Lexicon LXP 1
Lexicon LXP 5
Lexicon MRC (v. 3.0)
Lexicon 102
Lexicon PCM 41
Yamaha Rev 7
Yamaha SPX 90


SSL 4000E/G 56 channel with automation & recall


Otari MX 80 (2x)
ProTools HD3 Accel
Pyramix Merging Technologies
Tascam DA 78 HR
Tascam DA 30 mk II (2x)
Fostex D25 (2x)
Otari MTR 12 1/2"
Otari MTR 10 1/4"
Studer A 80
Studer A80
Studer B67
Fostex 20
Alpine AL35


64 i/o with 3x PTHD 192 expanded/2xPTHD 96/1x PTHD96i
Prism ADA-8 Dream


Yamaha G3 Grand piano
Eastophe Upright piano


Acer P5370W
Sony VO 5630
Philips 32PFL3403
Philips 37PFL3403
Sony KX 27 PS1
Panasonic NVf-HD 670
Doremi V1
Canopus ADVC 110

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