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Teera Music Recording Studio

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Standard Opening Days
mon. tue. wed. thu. fri. sat. sun.
Standard Opening Hours
From 00:00 To 11:59
Standard Lunch Time
From 12:00 To 13:00
Studio Type
  • Home Studio

  • Arrangement
  • Recording
  • Mastering
  • Mixing

  • Sound engineer included

Description - Teera Music Studio

Hi, my name is Teera. I'll be your personal sound engineer, producer, and can you help me with xyz person. I'm here to help you generate and realize your musical vision. I do everything with an incredible amount love and dedication.

My studio is a small one, measuring approximately 4 by 6 meters (13 by 19 ft) but "done right" - acoustically isolated and treated, well equipped, and comfortable. It's inside my home where I live with my wife Stef and our newborn Lola. Most of the people who come through are singers and songwriters, but the studio is more than capable of handling a full band (but you'll need to bring your own drumkit). Of course if you're in short of anything and it's not in your budget to hire a real player, I'm a pretty dangerous sample sequencer. 100% of the recorded music that I compose and produce is for media use, such as in an advertisement, film, or documentary. In my free time at home, I pretty much spend all of it with my family (which includes my guitars). Outside of the house, I like to ride my motorbike and meet up with friends for coffee.

Why should you record here:
1) This is Thailand. My english is excellent. The same cannot be said elsewhere.
2) I can actually make things sound like a real record.
3) My studio is nice. Why would you want to go anywhere else?
4) Hours are flexible. Whatever works for you. Need to book for 2am? No problem!

Equipment List


Many awesome plugins from: UAD, Waves, iZotope, Soundtoys, Native Instruments (Komplete 9 Ultimate), East West Quantum Leap (CCC), and many more!

Studio Monitors

Original Adam A7 with Adam Sub 10 MKii
Sennheiser HD800 with m9xx preamp


Focusrite ISA-828 with AD option
RME FireFace UC


Audio Technica 4033
Studio Projects C3
Electro Voice RE20
Matched Pair Oktava MK-102 (multi-capsule)
Sennheiser MD 421 MKii x 2
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
CAD CM217 x2
Behringer ECM8000


Handmade Acoustic Guitar
2010 Epiphone Elitist Byrdland, Japan
1991 Ibanez RG, Japan (Modified)
Blue Ridge BR168


M-Audio Axiom 61


Focusrite ISA-828 with AD option
RME FireFace UC


2010 Epiphone Viol Bass
Various Shakers


I shoot some videos with my nexus 6p and a tripod.


Xay's vocals recorded here at Teera Music Recording Studio.

I don't make a whole lot of music to just listen to as most things are commissioned for media use and I spend most of my free time playing the guitar. But sometimes I'm in the mood for it. Like when I made this track.

Available soon

The bookings did not yet open in this country!