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Internet Audio Engineer Producer and Mastering

Canberra, Australia
Jours d'ouverture standard
lun. mar. mer. jeu. ven. sam. dim.
Horaires d'ouverture standard
De 11:00 À 22:00
Type de studio
  • Studio d'enregistrement

  • Arrangement
  • Enregistrement
  • Mastering
  • Mixage

  • Ingénieur du son inclus

Description - David Pendragon

David Pendragon is recognised the very first Internet producer to record a full album using studios and musicians from all over the Planet in 2005. Pendragon spent an intensive 6 month training period with one of Australia's highest acclaimed audio engineers John French during the 1980''s. He also worked in many of Melbourne's top studios during that period as a producer and engineer.
The album 'Tribe World Ensemble's' "The Message Stick" earn him the IOMA Internet Producer of the year 2006 at that time a prestigious award in a fledgling Internet industry. David skills as an engineer and producer are well know and he has in later years developed a passion for video production and documentary making. In 2010 Pendragon as he is affectionately known directed and filmed a one hour made for TV documentary for 70's hard rock American band Avalanche.
Since that time he has been concentrating on attaining the very best acoustic instrument sounds in digital recording. The Studio is available to do online work via Skype or video cam and also for recording local acts in the small home style studio in Canberra Australia.

Liste des équipements du studio

Moniteurs de studio

JBL self referencing Monitors


Golden Age Pre 73's (Neve style pre-amps)


Rode Ribbon NTR, Rode Classic 11, Rode Nt55, Rode Nt3 and Nt5 matched pairs. Neumann KM 184 pair. AKG 414's x 2, SE Voodoo Ribbon VR2, AKG Bass Mics D12VR x2 Heaps of drum mics. Sm57's x 4, Rode NTK


Full Studio kit and session drummer


Presonus Studio 192, Presonus Digimax DP88


Windows 10 platform computer and high end 'in the box' plugins.


Full camera, lighting and support gear for documentary work