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SDR Audio Production

Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Jours d'ouverture standard
lun. mar. mer. jeu. ven. sam. dim.
Horaires d'ouverture standard
De 09:00 À 21:00
Type de studio
  • Studio d'enregistrement

  • Arrangement
  • Enregistrement
  • Mastering
  • Mixage

  • Ingénieur du son inclus

Description - SDR Audio Production

Record Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Audio Services

We specialise in providing top class, professional Recording, Mixing and Mastering to extremely high standards.

Everything we work on gets treated with the precision and respect needed to deliver the best sounding results possible. Making great sounding records requires a lot of time and attention to detail, something that often gets overlooked. Most people will settle for “Good”, we will only settle for “Great”.

At SDR Audio Production we work closely with our clients, spending the correct amount of time on each project to ensure complete satisfaction. We can work with all genres of music, and we are always striving for amazing sounding records that can stand up against the high budget releases.

Mixing & Mastering services can be completed efficiently for clients worldwide, with remote and on location recording/services also available. We have the ability to record up to 30 tracks at once with pro grade A/D conversion. We also have a wide range of great sounding microphones and equipment, all of which has all been carefully selected to get the best results working in the digital domain, whilst still retaining the characteristics of analogue.

Liste des équipements du studio


RME - 4 Channel Preamps

Warm Audio WA12 – Pre Amps x2

Focusrite Octopre LE – 8 Channel Pre Amp (with ADAT)

Custom Modified SM Pro PR8E – 8 Channel Pre Amp

Behringer ADA8200 – 8 Channel Pre Amp (with ADAT)

Line6 X3 Pro – Guitar/Bass/Pre Amp Modelling Processor


Rode NT2000
Shure SM57 x4
Shure SM58
Shure Beta 52A
Shure SM7B
Sennheiser e904 x4
Audio Technica AT2050 x2
Audio Technica AT2035 x2
Audio Technica U851R
AKG Perception 170 x6
Superlux E523
ddrum DRT Snare Trigger


RME FireFace 802